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ACL Surgery in Chennai

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair and Reconstruction:

Known as ACL reconstruction surgery, this procedure aims at repairing torn cruciate ligament in the Knee. ACL injuries are common among athletes and those involved in playing vigorous sports. Ligaments serve as a strong band of tissue that connects one bone to another. 

ACL arthroscopy is referred to as keyhole surgery. This highly advanced procedure allows the surgeon to access the joint and repair it through a small incision without completely opening the joint.  

Arthroscopic ACL Repair Surgery:

Arthroscopic ACL repair is recommended when the ligament has torn off the bone but is still hanging on it. This condition is known as avulsion, and the surgeon repairs the partially torn ligament and reattaches it to the bone, replacing it properly. The ligament is sutured for faster healing. 

Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

The reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament is firmly prescribed in the case of immense pain and instability. During this arthroscopic procedure, the surgeon removes the torn ligament entirely and replaces it with a graft carved out from the hamstring or patellar tendon. 


Best ACL Surgeons in Chennai


Dr.Madhan Mohan Reddy

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

Senior Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Chennai


Dr Karthik Reddy Pammi

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

MBBS , MS (Ortho) , Fellow in Arthroscopy ( germany )