Sunway Medical Centre offers Electrocardiogram services for precise cardiac assessment. Equipped with advanced technology and skilled professionals, it ensures accurate diagnostics for heart-related conditions.

Blood Collection at Home

We offer convenient blood collection at home service. Skilled phlebotomists ensure safe sample collection from your residence, prioritizing comfort and efficiency for various medical tests.

Echo & Mammography

We offer advanced cardiac imaging through echocardiograms and comprehensive mammography services, aiding in early detection and precise diagnosis.

X-ray Laboratory

Our X-ray laboratory offers advanced diagnostic imaging services. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it provides accurate and detailed X-ray results to aid in precise medical diagnoses.


At Sunway Medical Centre's laboratory, we offer a comprehensive range of tests and analyses, providing accurate and timely results to support patient care.


Sunway Medical Centre offers ultrasound facilities, employing advanced imaging technology for accurate diagnostics.